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    公司以 “全员参与创新,品人、品心、品质” 为经营理念。产品注重细节,追求卓越,不断寻求科技运动健康和现代简约的完美结合。

    公司旗下品牌“tinyho. 随心所欲,享受科技健康”,已授予全球各大健身器材品牌馆以及智能家居品牌馆代理权,主营产品:如放松系列筋膜枪产品,智能环境入眠产品,已广泛赢得用户喜爱与好评!

    Dongguan QingHuo Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2016 and located in Dongguan Songshan Lake, which is an innovative national high-tech enterprise with independent research and development. With the professional senior talents and the backup R&D team, under decades of year of experiences, we've achieved outstanding results in this industry. Now we own a great number of international PCT and domestic patent for invention, patent for utility models and design patents.
    We commit to sustained innovation and open cooperation, focusing on developing intelligent and healthy life field, "Enjoy technical health in your whole life".
    We specialized in intelligent relaxing system, intelligent healthy sleeping system, intelligent devices, With its high-quality products, it rapidly distributes the world and covers online and offline channels, helping more users to improve the quality of life and promoting the development of national health in the era.
    Our business philosophy is 'full participation innovation, people-oriented, meticulous care, quality'. We pay attention to detail, pursue excellence, and constantly seek for the perfect combination of scientific fitness with modern simplicity.
    Our sub-brand 'tinyho·Enjoy technical health in your whole life', has granted the right of agency to the world's major fitness equipment brand stores and smart home brand stores. The main product such as vibration massage gun products and intelligent healthy sleeping products, has won widespread user love and praise
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    Dongguan Qinghuo Technology Co., Ltd